natural weight loss
Before you try out weight loss pills, you should try out some natural weight loss alternatives with a proven track record of success. It will be better for your overall health and it is more likely to be maintained. Here are some long standing, proven methods for losing the weight:
Walk More

If you are really out of shape, you can start walking more without joining a gym, buying fancy equipment or hiring a coach. If you are still capable of actually walking, anyone can fit a bit more walking into their life by just parking a little farther out, taking the stairs for one floor instead of the elevator and generally adding a few more steps here and there throughout the day.

Walking is one of the best exercises for you and has a proven track record of helping people lose weight. As you start walking more, you may find yourself buying different shoes to support this new habit, but unless you exclusively wear 4-inch heels, you don’t need to run out and buy any shoes to start with. If your shoes are good enough to walk from your car to the door, they are good enough to walk a few feet more.

Over time, the extra steps really add up. If you aren’t convinced, it can help to track your progress. We tend to not notice incremental changes. Tracking your change over time can make a believer out of you. Track how much you walk, track your weight and track any other pertinent metrics of interest to you.

Avoid Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods add a great deal more fat and calories without enhancing nutrition. In fact, the high heat and long cook times tend to destroy nutrients. If you don’t want to make any big dietary changes, then keep eating all of your favorite foods, but switch to a non-fried version.

Instead of grabbing French fries, get the baked potato. Instead of having fried chicken, get the rotisserie chicken or baked chicken. You can even find baked versions of some of your favorite snacks on the snack-and-chip aisle of your local grocery store. This can make a big difference for very little effort and is usually a more palatable change than some big diet makeover or fad diet.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Maybe it isn’t the calories you crave. Maybe you keep grabbing for just one more snack because you have a nutritional deficiency. If this makes sense to you, then the answer is to go for nutrient dense foods. For example, Brazil nuts are crazy high in selenium.

Grape seed is another rich source of antioxidants that may have several beneficial effects on your health. It can help promote a healthy immune system and support healthy circulation, and ongoing research is studying additional benefits that may be offered by this versatile natural source of nutrients. Grape seed extract is one of may superfoods found in the Kyäni Sunrise product.

So, instead of counting calories, reach for nutrient dense foods like dry roasted nuts, seeds, fresh or freeze dried fruits and veggies and lightly cooked main dishes, such as a stir fry. Cooking foods for long periods destroys nutrients. So the fresher, the better and the lower the cooking time, the better.

Stay Hydrated

There is more to hydration than just getting enough water. You also need to make sure you are getting adequate vital electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. Healthy fats in limited quantities may also play an important role in keeping you adequately hydrated.

Many people suffer dehydration without realizing it. This is especially true for older individuals. People may eat when they are actually just thirsty. If you stay on top of hydration, you may find you have more energy and fewer cravings. Without counting calories or being disciplined, you may find the pounds begin to come off.

Plant a Vegetable Garden
One of the reasons people are overweight and out of shape is that produce these days gets bred for looks rather than nutritional value and is often shipped long distances and sometimes stored for months before being bought and consumed. Fruits and vegetables fresh from your own garden can have a much better nutritional value than fresh or frozen produce purchased from your local store.
Buy Local
If starting your own garden is too much work, then at least buy produce grown locally. One of the easiest ways to do this is to shop your local farmer’s market for fresh produce grown by local farmers. Another alternative is to look for a local co-op that will deliver locally grown produce periodically. This can be vastly superior in flavor and nutrient value than produce bought at many chain grocery stores, whether “fresh” or frozen (because “fresh” produce is often months old).
Use Essential Oils

Some people have found that essential oils can help with various health issues, including weight loss. Instead of buying a weight loss product containing essential oils, it is better to research non-drug treatment modalities for specific health issues that you have. For example, if you know you have fungal issues, oil of oregano is an effective treatment.

Getting health issues under control can do wonders for your ability to lose the weight and keep it off, if only by helping you have more energy to stick with exercise regimens and more self discipline to keep eating better. Non-drug treatments, like essential oils, can play a part in that approach.

Take Up Swimming

Swimming really burns the calories and is easier on joints than many other forms of exercise. If serious joint pain is one of the obstacles that keeps you from successfully pursuing your weight loss goals, swimming may be the answer you need to keep moving without increasing your pain or adding to the joint damage.

In all of these cases, it will help if you keep a journal or otherwise find some means to track your progress. Losing weight the slow, sensible way is the most effective means to get the weight off and keep it off long term. But it can be difficult or impossible to see that it is working. Having records of your progress can be the make or break for a natural approach to losing weight.

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