Essential oils

Essential oils are incredible healing products, and you may use them to improve your health. Oils are a go-to product when you have bumps, scrapes and bruises, and you may use them when you have digestive issues, headaches or general health concerns. Here is a list of essential oils that you should keep around your home for regular use.

Top Essential Oils For Your Home

  • Lavender oil is an excellent product for acne and bruises as it dries the skin to allow it time to heal. Lavender oil smells quite good, and you will enjoy the odor in the air when you use it lightly. You may use the oil on burns and insect bites after the occur, and you will see the swelling diminish as you wait for the wounds to heal. You benefit from a fragrance that is pleasing, and the oil will be familiar to those around you.
  • Tea tree oil (Melaleuca Oil) is an incredible odor-reducer that is quite common in deodorant, and you may use a natural deodorant that contains the oil. Athlete’s foot, warts and toe fungus are all treatable with tea tree oil, and the light scent of the oil
  • Lemon oil is an incredible household product that you may add to your soaps for a fine aroma. You may clean your crystal and china with a bit of lemon oil in water, and you may use lemon oil in your bath to relax. The oil smells fantastic, and it is quite easy to use in every iteration.
  • Peppermint oil is a popular extract that will clear your sinuses, and you may place it in your tea to help force out the mucus in your system. You may use peppermint oil to ward off insects, and you may treat their bites with the same oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil is one of the most-distinct oils in the world, and everyone who comes near it knows you have used the oil, and it is perfect for those who choose to atomize it in steam. Breathing in the vapors of a eucalyptus oil will flush your system, and you will feel more relaxed afterward.
  • Grapefruit oil is wonderful for headaches and deodorant. The odor of the of the oil is quite lovely in the air, and you will feel the healing properties of the citric acid from the fruit coarse through your skin.
  • Oregano oil is quite a strong flavor, and you may use it on acne to reduce swelling, or you may use the the oil on your skin when you have any injury that swells.

The Dangers Of Ingesting Essential Oils

A carrier oil must be used when you take oils topically, and several of them are simply not fit for use as an internal healing device. You must use your oils under the care of an aromatherapist who understands how to use carrier oils and which oils to ingest. Using a professional will increase your health benefits with essential oils, and you may recommend oils to friends and family given what you have learned from your aromatherapist. Regardless of what your friend or neighbor who sells Essential Oils says, internal ingestion of oils generally not safe. Often times someone will ask if the oils is food grade, looking for a signal of quality. There is no such thing as food grade essential oils or even “Therapeutic Grade” oils. These are made up for marketing purposes.

Ensure you are using each of your essential oils properly, and you will find your body and mind much stronger for it. Oils are easy to keep, diffuse and apply topically.

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