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In the Essential Oils world, Bulk Apothecary is a surprisingly high quality, low price option in the pure essential oils market. They offer a large selection of home health, natural therapy, DIY, home crafted drinks, and personal care products.

Essential oils have become a quickly growing trend in the last few years for beauty, skincare, and aromatic therapy products. While this trend has become popular with companies that specialize in selling therapeutic essential oils at a premium price, there are plenty of other companies that have been selling them for years at much lower prices, often because they sell to larger companies right alongside retail customers.

Bulk Apothecary is aBulk Apothecary Essential Oils clear example of this. You can order in quantities from a .5 ounce bottle up to a 400 lb. drum of the same essential oil. Not only that but many of their oils have multiple options for origin and content. Lavender, for example, is offered in a 40/42 guaranteed chemical content alongside origin oils such as French, Bulgarian, Spanish, etc.

Oil blends have become particularly popular among essential oil users and many of the companies have their own version of the same basic blend. For example Bulk Apothecary has their own version of Thieves Oil, popularized by Young Living, while Melaleuca calls its blend Armor.

With all the hype that’s been created around buying therapeutic grade oils and the different labels for it, it’s worth noting that these labels are purely marketing and do not have any recognition or official meaning anywhere, including the FDA. The two labels that claim therapeutic grade (Young Living and DoTerra) are actually just trademarks, with no officially documented or legally binding standards at all. Since this is a marketing term, these companies can continue to make this claim. This does not mean the essential oils are not pure or high quality, all of the companies use similar sources to product great oils.

Bulk Apothecary and other essential oil online retailers carry additional natural products. People can purchase products like Dead Sea salts and clay from Israel that have been popular for centuries for their benefits. Herbs are also easily available online and continue to be used as medicinals all over the globe for as far back as there are records.

Buying your herbs dried has its benefits. Not only can you search around for the best prices online and in local stores but they also have a shelf life of several years and are still beneficial for a year or more, can be used in many different ways and in many forms. Employed as a poultice, a tincture, syrup, salve, taken in capsules or infused in a tea. From the exotic ashwaganda to the common dandelion in your yard, herbs are plentiful, often delicious, and are commonly considered a great addition to any lifestyle even if just to boost the flavor of your next meal.


A poultice is a paste of fresh herbs or dried herbs that have been soaked in a bit of hot water and applied to the skin or wound. They are used most frequently when targeting a specific area and usually within 24 hours of whatever symptoms are being treated.


Tinctures are generally a term used for alcohol extracts used for medicinals but can also refer to glycerine or vinegar extracts. They are easily found and almost as easily made. You can find recipes for making your own all over the web and all you need is your herb or herb blend along with your base and a few weeks of patience. These extracts are powerful enough to only need a few drops per dose and have a very long shelf life. Glycerine is generally several years, while the alcohol based ones have been known to still be effective after many decades. With tinctures you can forget the spoonfuls or more of an herb and just squeeze a few drops in your mouth, on your skin, or in your food or drink.


Syrups are generally a sugar/honey based extract for herbs that are taken internally and are especially popular for cough and immunity blends or for children’s consumption since they are much easier on the palate. A particularly popular one is elderberry syrup.


Salves are simply an oil and wax base, similar to lip balm, that has essential oils or carrier oils infused with herbs as the key ingredients. They can be as simple as mixing an essential oil in some coconut oil or as complex as blending a dozen or more ingredients. If you want to make your own but feel intimidated by the many different recipe options, Bulk Apothecary has a lip balm base that you can easily customize to your preferred use. They also have plenty of bottles, jars and other packaging items to put all of these concoctions in.

Last but not least, if you are interested in home crafted beverages Bulk Apothecary also sells items to craft your own beers and wine. The popularity of these small batch, home crafted drinks have seen a dramatic upturn in recent years and have given rise to both niche market companies as well as smaller brands within the big conglomerates.

There are many online reviews for Bulk Apothecary. They have a A+ rating on BBB with multiple positive reviews.

Bulk Apothecary isn’t just a great source for pure essential oils but for diving into a world of great health and home crafted options. Learn more about Bulk Apothecary at bulkapothecary.com. You can find Bulk Apothecary coupons online at one of these sites: coupons.com and retailmenot.com.

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