It can be hard to find good gifts for fit friends. In fact, it might just seem impossible. Chances are they already have countless dumbbells, running shoes, pedometers and other forms of athletic equipment. When asked, they may not know what they want, so it’s a good idea to get them something unexpected.

Microwavable Rice Pillow

Working out is hard. Even if everything goes well, there will be aches and pains. Injuries are even worse. Pillows filled with rice can be heated in a microwave or kept chilly in the freezer and then applied to sore spots. Microwavable rice pillows can be purchased or made at home for a more personal, do-it-yourself approach. If making one at home, be sure to only use microwave-safe materials and avoid anything inflammable.

Seasonal Pass to Parks and Preserves

Athletes who enjoy walking or hiking in nature often like to visit new places. Many conservationist organizations allow members or non-members to purchase seasonal passes to visit walking trails on the land they are preserving. This is a great gift idea for athletes who prefer being in the great outdoors and fresh air over hanging out at the gym all the time.

Meals Made Ahead of Time

Everyone loves receiving good food as a gift. High-quality food is very important to bodybuilders and other athletes that have workouts that are frequent and intense. A nice thing to do is prepare a few days worth of meals ahead of time and portion it into portable containers. Good meal prep ideas for athletes are those recipes that combine healthy protein and carbohydrates while avoiding unhealthy fats. A stir-fry of rice, beans and broccoli is one of the most popular meals for this, but anything with whole grains, beans and vegetables is great. For this gift, avoid ingredients that spoil quickly, like meat or eggs.

Athletic Shirt

Synthetic undershits are good for keeping cool and reducing abrasion when you run. They keep outer clothes clean and sweat-free to prevent stains and odors. So, they make an ideal gift for someone who likes to work out. It’s important to keep in mind that not all undershirts are the same quality. Some are baggy or uncomfortable. The UnderFit Shirt is special because it is made of modal, a unique fabric made from beech trees. In addition to being form-fitting, it also has a V-neck, meaning it will stay out of sight under most outfits.

Re-usable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are filling our oceans and overflowing out of landfills. They are very wasteful and few end up being recycled. For people who rely on water bottles often, a re-usable one is a useful and eco-friendly gift. Re-usable water bottles can be made of stainless steel, glass, recycled plastic or other materials. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Hydration is key when exercising, so this is a great way to care for the health of the athlete and the planet.

Athletic 100% Cotton Socks

It’s true that socks may not be the flashiest or most memorable gift, but they are a good idea for friends who truly seem to have everything else already. Socks are always being lost in the laundry or thrown out after too much use wears holes in them. Athletic socks made of cotton are a good choice because they are easily washed and can even be worn when not exercising.
Shopping for athletic friends can certainly be tough, but with some creativity and thought it is definitely doable. The trick is to think outside of the box and keep in mind the person’s athletic interests at the same time.